Frolicking around on the Isle of Wight

This weekend I had the pleasure of undertaking a field trip to collect some samples for my masters project (hopefully more to come on that).

I think a love of the outdoors and field trips are what attracts most physical geographers/ geologists to the job. We had a very pleasant 17 degrees with a slight wind day in the sunshine collecting fossils on a virtually empty stretch of beach, which was absolutely blissful. I had not really been on a proper field trip since I went to New Zealand in 2015 so it was really nice to get my teeth into some proper outdoor work and get hammering into the rock.

We stayed in an air bnb on the island which was home to some rather “diabolic” cats as the owner described them, who seemed to want to be petted and then tried to bite and claw you as soon as you went near them! That was an experience! Nonetheless, I enjoyed having them around for the night it reminded me of being home.

The stars on the island were something else, on our way to the bnb we got out of the car, hopped over a sty and into a field to take a quick look. Being in Bristol for seven months now I had quite forgotten the amazing night sky and aside from a few shooting stars I had seen back in Yorkshire in my back garden, I don’t think I have ever seen anything so breathtaking. I would highly recommend a trip to the island just to go look at the stars for a few hours away from the light pollution of the mainland, truly amazing!

Here are some photos from the trip – this sequence is the Greensand Formation both lower and upper beds which produced a lovely orange sand on the beach. Highly recommend a trip there to sit on the top of the cliffs and enjoy the view – make sure you take plenty of snacks and water if you want to hike up the cliff side!



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