British Science Week March 2017

How did erratics move? Was it dinosaur football?

This week is BSW17 and STEM week and i’ve been getting involved in all sorts of outreach from directing an assembly on palaeoclimate on Monday where I received my favourite answer of the lot titled above, and also told that one child once saw a fossil that looked like a blue peter badge… what do you even reply to that?

I had a really good experience at the school, I directed an assembly towards KS2 so I had a bunch of enthusiastic YR3-6 children shouting answers at me. I was especially impressed by the boy that knew about insect gigantism during the Carboniferous having not really come across it myself until that Isle of Arran trip every budding geologist undertakes at A- Level.

I’ve been so impressed and dumbfounded by how much children know about palaeontology and dinosaurs, perhaps its being sort of close to the Jurassic Coast in Bristol but I will be interested to see if children know this much when I move back up North in September. Which also reminds me – coming from Yorkshire I got asked if I was from Scotland today… hmm.

The dinosaur takeover workshops at Bristol Museum seem to have been going really well. It becomes a little challenging to keep the YR1 students engaged but I have found some of the older children to be really interested and keen to answer questions and discover things all things dino.

I am really enjoying being part of STEM week and trying to encourage more young minds to get into the paleo field. I definitely expect to see some of them on my course in Bristol in a decades time, many knowing way more dinosaurs than me (not that I know many!).

Looking forward to seeing how much more we can push science and education to the future generation over the course of my masters and PhD. BSW17 seems to be a success so far!

S. IMG_4552



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