My Background

Main Interests

My main interests lie in palaeoclimate reconstruction using both biological and chemical proxies. I am particularly interested in the Quaternary but deep time throughout the Phanerozoic also. I enjoy thinking about the mechanisms driving climate on large timescales, so tectonics, milankovitch cycles, D-O cycles etc and also on a side note how these may cause mass extinctions.

Current Education

PhD Environmental Geography: to start October 2017

I will be commencing a PhD in Environmental Geography at the University of York as of October 2017. The PhD will be looking at historical sea level change in Australia in order to test the Arctic Ice Melt Hypothesis.

MSc Palaeobiology: 2016-2017

I am currently enrolled on the fairly well known MSc in Palaeobiology at the University of Bristol. My research project is working with Jakob Vinther (Palaeobiology) and David Naafs (Organic Geochemistry) to analyse whether dietary carotenoids (a colour pigment) can be preserved in situ in the lipid membranes of fossil animals. Other modules I chose to do include early human origins, micropaleontology, evolution of the biosphere and vertebrate evolution.

BSc Physical Geography: 2013-2016

I acquired a first class undergraduate degree in Physical Geography from the University of Leeds in 2016. This was really where I got to get into palaeontology and palaeoclimate studying in depth Quaternary environments in the UK and in Mallorca. My dissertation (83%) was a study looking at morphological change of a plant family – Lepidodendrales in response to the changing atmospheric gas composition in the Carboniferous. A really interesting and novel dissertation that allowed me to work with curators from both the Leeds and Manchester Museums.


I am a really keen volunteer  I have met HRH the Duke of Edinburgh himself after completing the DofE Gold Award where as part of the award, I spent three weeks in Germany in 2014 removing invasive species from the Harz Region forests.  I volunteered at Scarborough Museums Trust the summer of 2016 and stewarded at the Yorkshire Fossil Festival event in September 2016. I am currently a STEM ambassador and work with the Bristol Dinosaur Project (its not all about dinos) going into schools and working with Bristol Museum to deliver outreach to young children concerning all things palaeo.


My main interest really is travelling, I got the bug at the end of secondary school and haven’t looked back working a part-time job to fund weeks of travel. When unfortunately I have to spend my time in the UK I really enjoy watching documentaries, science and nature, natural history, and space are my favourite topics. I also enjoy going on walks in the countryside and keeping up with the media.